Entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto Bertarelli


Ernesto Bertarelli who is born on September 22, 1965 in Italy is a famous Entrepreneur. The age of Ernesto Bertarelli is 51 year old. The birth sign of Ernesto Bertarelli is Virgo. Ernesto Bertarelli has have thousand of fans and supporters in Italy.

BirthdaySeptember 22, 1965
Birth SignVirgo
Net worth : $8.7 Billion

Personal Information of Ernesto Bertarelli

  • Birth date :
    September 22, 1965
  • Birth place :
    Rome, Italy
  • Profession :
    Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Athlete
  • Nationality :
  • Spouse :
    Kirsty Bertarelli (m. 2000)
  • Children :
    Chiara Bertarelli, Alceo Bertarelli, Falco Bertarelli
  • Parents :
    Fabio Bertarelli
  • Siblings :
    Dona Bertarelli
About Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto is working as businessman in Switzerland. He started his career with his family business in pharmaceuticals. The company Serono was formed by his grandfather to whom he inherited after his father’s death joining as CEO in 1996 with ownership business in the hand of his sister, Dona. With new position, he chose biotechnology as main subject of the company reaching various parameters of success with discovery of natural hormone for the treatment of female infertility, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and growth hormone deficiency. With family dispute, the company got sold to Merck KGaA in 2007 and he went on starting new company, Waypoint Capital group for asset management and life science investment business serving as board of director of UBS AG. He also served as co-chair of the Bertarelli Foundation with his sister. In 2000, he founded the yachting Team Alinghi which led win of 2003 America Cup serving as navigator of the team in 2003 and afterguard runner and grinder in 2007. For his success, he was awarded with Cavaliere di Gran Croce by President of the Italian Republic in 2003.
He achieved Honorary Doctorate of Marine Sciences in 2013 from Plymouth University.

Ernesto Bertarelli Before Fame

He is in marital relationship with Kristy Roper, former Miss UK since 2000 and is blessed with three children; Alceo, Falco and Chiara. He currently resides with his family in Gstaad.


His net worth as calculated on April, 2015 is $8.7 billion.

Ernesto Bertarelli Family Life

He was born on 22th September, 1965 in Rome, Italy and was raised in Switzerland as his family moved to new place. He also has a sister named Dona. He completed his education from Babson College and later moved to Harvard Business School in 1993 for MBA.

Associated With

In 2008, he was inducted into the Babson College’s Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs.

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