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Essington Lewis who is born on January 13, 1881 in Australia is a famous Entrepreneur. The age of Essington Lewis is # year old. The birth sign of Essington Lewis is Capricorn. Essington Lewis has have thousand of fans and supporters in Australia.

BirthdayJanuary 13, 1881
height5’ 10’’ (1.78m)
Birth SignCapricorn
Death DateOct 2, 1961, age 80
About Essington Lewis

Essington Lewis was an Australian industrialist who laid the foundation of Australian heavy industry after World War I ultimately leading to the economic development of the country. He started his career in 1904 with Australia’s largest steel company Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd. as underground miner rising up to position of assistant manager in company in 1913. In 1921, he became general manager of company ultimately reaching to MD and chairman’s post in 1950s. During period of World War I, he realised the need of industry development in Australia after making a world tour to Japan and Germany. He later established Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and munitions expanding the business worldwide plus received an honour for his work in 1940 the bronze medal of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He led the industries in the following fields
• Aircraft components
• Iron and Steel
• Metal goods
• Mining
• Ordnance manufacturing
He died on 2nd October, 1961 in Tallarook, Victoria while riding his horse at the age of 80.
In 1943, he received an honour of being appointed as member of the Order of the Companions of Honour for his contribution towards industrialisation.

Essington Lewis Before Fame

He got married to Gladys Rosalind Cowan in 1910 and became father of in total five children mentioned below • James Essington • Robert Brook • Helen • Mary • Jane


His mother died when he was just 13 years old.

Essington Lewis Family Life

He was born on 13th January, 1881 in Burra, Australia to John Lewis and Martha Brook as family’s third son out of total 6. His father was a pastoralist and politician who also owned a cattle property. He completed his education from government school at Burra before moving to St. Peter’s College, Adelaide in 1894. Later in 1901 he went to South Australian School of Mines to become a mining engineer.

Associated With

He and Harold Darling (B.H.P directors) went on a world tour in 1920.

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