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Elizabeth Barnard who is born on February 21, 1608 in England is a famous Family Member. The age of Elizabeth Barnard is # year old. The birth sign of Elizabeth Barnard is Pisces. Elizabeth Barnard has have thousand of fans and supporters in England.

BirthdayFebruary 21, 1608
Birth SignPisces
Death DateFeb 17, 1670, 61

Personal Information of Elizabeth Barnard

  • Full name :
    Elizabeth Barnard
  • Know as :
    Elizabeth Barnard, Barnard, Elizabeth
  • Birth date :
    February 21, 1608
  • Died :
  • Lived :
    61 years, 11 month, 25 days
About Elizabeth Barnard

Elizabeth Barnard was known worldwide as family member of English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. She was William’s granddaughter and was his only last surviving descendant. She got married to Thomas Nash in 1626 who was an ardent Royalist and a big supporter of Charles I. After Thomas’s death she married with John Barnard further inheriting the William Shakespeare property as her mother died soon after her marriage. She later became the last descendant after Judith Quiney’s death in 1662. She also died on 17th February 1670 at Abington, Northamptonshire, England at age 61.

Elizabeth Barnard Before Fame

She married twice. Her first marriage was with Thomas Nash in 1626 but he died leaving her behind as widow. She went into another marriage with John Barnard in 1604 but never had her own child.


She was cousin of Shakespeare Quiney, Richard Quiney and Thomas Quiney.

Elizabeth Barnard Family Life

Elizabeth was born on 21st February 1608 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom to Susanna and John Hall. She was granddaughter of William Shakespeare and was baptised in the Holy Trinity Church of England in presence of William Shakespeare.

Associated With

She was also in contact with the Royalist as both her husband’s were supporters of Charles I during civil war.

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