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Robert Malone

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Robert Malone who is born on February 4, 1988 in California is a famous Football Player. The age of Robert Malone is 28 year old. The birth sign of Robert Malone is Aquarius. Robert Malone has have thousand of fans and supporters in California.

BirthdayFebruary 4, 1988
height6’ 2’’ (1.88m)
Birth SignAquarius
Weight :98Kg
About Robert Malone

Robert Malone is an American football player who plays at punter position for team. He began with Fresno State University his college career playing in total 41 games with 120 punts for 5,117 yards. His next entry as professional was with Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010 where he made a brief appearance moving to Tampa Bay Buccaneers replacing Chris Bryan. He also appeared for club Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers for short term landing into New York Jets as starting punter in 2012. He also played for Washington Redskins and New York Giants being waived on 1st September, 2015 by the latter one. He is currently a free agent with career statistics of total 157 punts for 6,993 yards.
He achieved First team All-WAC selection in 2009 during his college career after completing 44 punts with 45.2 yard average.


He was selected as undrafted free agent in Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robert Malone Family Life

He was born on 4th February, 1988 in Orange, California to Kathy and David Malone. He spent his childhood days in Riverside, California attending Martin Luther King High School and Fresno State College. He also has two siblings Kimberly and Brian Malone. He made his first sport debut in his high school as punter having cousin, Tom Malone also associated with this sport.

Associated With

In 2012 with New York Jets, he made 84 punts for 3,848 yards with 45.8 yard average.

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