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Bryce Hall

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Bryce Hall who is born on August 14, 2000 in Maryland is a famous Instagram Star. The age of Bryce Hall is 16 year old. The birth sign of Bryce Hall is Leo. Bryce Hall has have thousand of fans and supporters in Maryland.

BirthdayAugust 14, 2000
height1.79 m
Birth SignLeo
Weight :56 kg
About Bryce Hall

A 16 year old, Bryce Hall is a and Vine personality. He is also well known for photos and live broadcast videos which he uploads on Instagram and Vine account. He became part of the Press Play Tour looking up to his success rate on internet and mostly shows his presence in Q&A sessions on his You Tube account. He joined Jacob Sartorius in the Sauce Challenge and posted the video on his You Tube account in 2015. Some of his popular videos on You Tube include
• 7 Second Challenge w/ Jacob Sartorius and Mark Thomas (over 3 million views)
• I Can Twerk? :0 (over 1 million views)
• Guess that dance move challenge! (858K views)
• Touch my Body Challenge ;) (733K views)
He is currently having over 30.1K followers on his Vine account and 748K followers on Instagram whereas on he is having over 700K and on You Now it is 850K fan following.
He is also active on You Tube since 13th February, 2015 having over 202K subscribers and 9 million views.

Bryce Hall Before Fame

He is still single and is more focused on his career.


He has a dog name Cici.

Bryce Hall Family Life

Bryce was born on 14th August, 2000 in Ellicott City, Maryland, United States with American nationality and white ethnicity. He first started his career online with Twitter account in late 2014 followed by moving to other social networking sites.

Associated With

He made collaboration for his Vine “Friends” with Kyle Stewart.

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