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Hedrick Smith who is born on July 9, 1933 in Scotland is a famous Journalist. The age of Hedrick Smith is 83 year old. The birth sign of Hedrick Smith is Cancer. Hedrick Smith has have thousand of fans and supporters in Scotland.

BirthdayJuly 9, 1933
Birth SignCancer
About Hedrick Smith

Hedrick Smith is a former American journalist who worked for The New York Times as reporter and editor. He spent out his 26 years working and covering major events such as Martin Luther King Jr’s civil right struggle, the Middle East conflict from Cairo, the Vietnam War plus administration of in total six American presidents with many more. He started his journey in 1950s with Greenville News as cub reporter moving on with United Press International in Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta after making his return from US Air Force from 1959 to 1962. He later joined New York Times in 1962 till 1988 and started making documentaries (prime time specials) and mini series for PBS. He also rose to fame with release of his award winning books like
• The Russians (1975)(America’s No. 1 best selling book with 16 languages)
• The Power Game: How Washington Works (1987)
• Who Stole the American Dream? (2012)
Above three mentioned are of great success that deals with political and economic analysis and changes in U.S over past years. He has also written many other books such as
• The New Russians (1990)
• The Media and the Gulf War (1992)
• Rethinking America (1995)
• The Power Game (1996)
With his TV productions, he represented and worked on main topics like Soviet perestroika, Wal-Mart, terrorism, tax evasion, educational reforms, health care, environment and Washington’s power game plus achieving twice the grand prize (Columbia Dupont Gold Baton) for his productions like
• Inside Gorbachev’s USSR (1990)
• Inside the Terror Network (2002)
With his work he not only dealt with cause but also on the solution some of his other award winning frontlines are
• The Wall Street Fix
• Can You Afford to Retire?
• Critical Condition
• Tax Me If You Can
• Challenge to America
• Surviving the Bottom Line with many more.
He is also a good and effective speaker in lecture series nationwide.
He has won the Pulitzer Prize for International reporting in 1974 on stories of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Hedrick Smith Before Fame

He is in marital relationship with Susan Zox Eidneberg since 1987.


He was brother of Alpha Delta Phi during his college days at Williams College.

Hedrick Smith Family Life

Hedrick was born on 9th July, 1933 in Kilmacolm, Scotland. He completed his studies at The Choate School and Williams College majoring in history and literature. He also went in Oxford University as scholar and later joined US Air Force to serve his country for three years.

Associated With

He was associated with Pentagon Papers series production team as Times Chief diplomatic correspondent in 1971.

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