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Vittorio Mezzogiorno

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Vittorio Mezzogiorno who is born on December 6, 1941 in Italy is a famous Movie Actor. The age of Vittorio Mezzogiorno is # year old. The birth sign of Vittorio Mezzogiorno is Sagittarius. Vittorio Mezzogiorno has have thousand of fans and supporters in Italy.

BirthdayDecember 6, 1941
Birth SignSagittarius
Death DateJan 7, 1994, age 52
Address :
Milan, Italy
About Vittorio Mezzogiorno

Vittorio was an Italy born actor who started his career with theatre after advice of his older brother at the age of 18. In beginning of career, he landed into play ‘Waiting for Godot’ in the role of Estragon in 1962 and later joined the company of Eduardo De Filippo working from 1966 to 1968. He also worked with Giuffre Brothers, Flavio Bucci and Stefano Satta Flores. Some work done by him in theatre is as follows
• Clouds of Aristophanes (1968)
• The Steam horse (1968)
• The Prague Spring (1969)
• The Beggar’s Opera (1971)
• The Monster Ghigo de Chiara (1976)
• Big Scene (1992) with many more.
He also appeared on TV making his first debut with ‘Investigation of a robbery’ in 1971 followed by TV series ‘The Picciotto’ (1973) and ‘The Case Pisciotta’ (1973). He rose to fame with most of his work on TV and films such as
• The murder of the Rosselli brothers (1974) (TV)
• The Marseillaise (1974) (TV)
• The Regime Spy (1976) (TV)
• Stunt Squad (1977)
• The toy (1977)
• The Fantastic tales of Edgar Allan Poe (1979) (TV)
• Three Brothers (1981)
• The French Revolution (1989)
• The Octopus 5- The heart of the problem (1990)
• Scream of Stone (1991)
• The Octopus 6- The Last Secret (1991)
• Golem-The spirit of exile (1992)
In above mentioned work, he got Silver Ribbon for Best Actor in films ‘Three Brothers’ and ‘The Toy’. He also worked with Peter Brook for theatre work ‘Mahabharata’ (1985) playing as Arjuna and with Luigi Perelli in TV series ‘The Octopus’ as David Licata which gave a push to his career towards success. But unfortunately, he died of lung cancer at the age of 52 on 7th January, 1994.
He is the recipient of 1981 Nastro d’Argento for his work in Tre Fratelli and also the 1990 Ciak d’Oro for work in Scream of Stone.

Vittorio Mezzogiorno Before Fame

He got married to Cecilia Sacchi in 1972 and is father of one child, Giovanna Mezzogiorno.


Before acting, he had the passion and dream of becoming a boxer.

Vittorio Mezzogiorno Family Life

He was born on 6th December, 1941 in Cercola, Italy in the family of seven siblings being the youngest of all. His family made a move to new place Naples where he went to Umberto High School followed by law studies in University. He was introduced to theatre work by his older brother Vincenzo getting starred in his first role at Teatro S Theatre.

Associated With

He also worked with Gianni Serra’s directed series ‘A Hat Full of Rain’ (1985) with Pamela Villoresi, Emilio Bonucci and Antonio Casagrande.q

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