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Mait Metsanurk who is born on November 19, 1879 in Estonia is a famous Novelist. The age of Mait Metsanurk is # year old. The birth sign of Mait Metsanurk is Scorpio. Mait Metsanurk has have thousand of fans and supporters in Estonia.

BirthdayNovember 19, 1879
Birth SignScorpio
Death DateAug 21, 1957, age 77
About Mait Metsanurk

Mait Metsanurk was a well known Estonian writer of early twentieth century. He came to fame as member of neo-realist school of Estonian literature. In 1904, he started his career in publication and wrote his first work novel Isamaa oilmed and a play Uues korteris in 1908. His work represented the tensions during the interwar period with historical view. He was also active as literary translator and critics. His other notable works are mentioned below
• Vahesaare Villem (1909)
• Orjad (1912)
• Ennae inimest! (1918)
• Jumalata (1921)
• Valge pilv (1925)
• Umera Joel (1934)
• Tuli tuha all (1939)
• Suvine pooripaev (1957)
• Vagade elu (1923)
• Talupoja poeg (1929)
• Halijal oksal (1932)
• C.R. Jakobson (1935)
• Maret elukoolis (1938) with more.
From above mentioned, the novel Umera joel (1934) was considered to be his major work that came up with a story of struggle of protagonist in the 13th century. He also got positioned as chairman of Estonian Writer’s Union in 1930 and remained at the post till 6 years before getting expelled after Soviet occupation of Estonia. He again joined the same in 1956 serving until his death on 21st August, 1957 in Tallinn.

Mait Metsanurk Before Fame

He was in marital relationship with Alma Adele Hubel and Vanda Hildegard Hubel.


He got graduated from school in pedagogical courses.

Mait Metsanurk Family Life

Mait was born on 19th November, 1879 in Saare farmstead, Metsanuka, Tartu County to Jaan and Lovisa Hubel. He was raised in a family with seven siblings, he being the youngest one. For Studies, he attended elementary school in Orge and a city school in Tartu where he learnt the Russian language. After completing his studies, he went for many odd jobs like an office clerk, schoolteacher and as journalist.

Associated With

He served at chairman’s position in Eduard Hubel Tallinn Writers Association in 1939.

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