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Diego Portales who is born on June 16, 1793 in Chile is a famous Politician. The age of Diego Portales is # year old. The birth sign of Diego Portales is Gemini. Diego Portales has have thousand of fans and supporters in Chile.

BirthdayJune 16, 1793
Birth SignGemini
Death DateJun 6, 1837, age 43
About Diego Portales

Diego was an entrepreneur who also served as Chilean statesman. He in his early age after completing his studies joined his family occupation as merchant and led to formation of trading house “Portales, Cea and Co.”. He involved trading business of tea, tobacco and liquor which later went unsuccessful and he approached towards political career during Chilean Civil war of 1829 joining hands with conservatives in the political fights. He raised the party status and founded journal named “El Hambriento” further landing into post of Minister of the Interior and Foreign Affairs under president ship of Jose Tomas Ovalle in 1829. He was involved in the political career till 1836. He initiated the war with Peru-Bolivia in 1836 which was won by Chile but some Portales were not happy with him and assassinated him on 6th June, 1837 while reviewing his troops which finally lead to economic stability as public opinion shifted towards his favour.

Diego Portales Before Fame

He was in marital relationship with Josefa Portales y Larrain and was blessed with two daughters but both died after birth. His wife also died in 1821 and he later went on in relationship with his mistress Constanza Nordenflicht and had three children.


The news came about his remains missing as it was found uncovered in 2005.

Diego Portales Family Life

He was born on 16th June, 1793 in Santiago, Chile. He was raised by his parents Maria Encarnacion Fernandez de Palazuelos y Martinez de Aldunate and Jose Santiago Portales y Larrain in his hometown. He completed his education from Colegio de Santiago and later moved to National Institute for law course.

Associated With

He also served as Minister of War and Navy from 1830 to 1836.

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