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Herbert Putnam who is born on September 20, 1861 in New York is a famous Politician. The age of Herbert Putnam is # year old. The birth sign of Herbert Putnam is Virgo. Herbert Putnam has have thousand of fans and supporters in New York.

BirthdaySeptember 20, 1861
Birth SignVirgo
BirthplaceNew York
Death DateAug 14, 1955, age 93
About Herbert Putnam

George Herbert Putnam was commonly known as Herbert Putnam. Herbert was an American librarian. Herbert was the eighth Librarian of Congress from 1899 to 1939 and He was also an Associate fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science. Herbert was introduced his vision of a universal collection with strengths in every language, especially from Europe and Latin America.

Herbert Putnam Before Fame

Herbert Putnam attended private schools in New York City and He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1883. After his graduation Herbert attended Columbia University Law School but soon a Minneapolis attorney and former Harvard classmate convinced him to Minneapolis and librarianship. Herbert became librarian of the Minneapolis Athenaeum in 1884.


Herbert Putnam has permanently established the reputation of the 'Library of Congress' as a cultural institution that was "universal in scope, national in service," to use his phrase.

Herbert Putnam Family Life

Herbert Putnam was born on September 20, 1861 in New York City, United States. Herbert was the sixth son and tenth child of Victorine and George Palmer Putnam. Herbert Putnam was married to Charlotte Elizabeth Munroe in 1886 and they had two daughters Shirley and Brenda Putnam.

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Herbert Putnam died on August 14, 1955, at his home in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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