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Yu Asakawa

Voice Actress

Yu Asakawa who is born on March 20, 1975 in Japan is a famous Voice Actress. The age of Yu Asakawa is 41 year old. The birth sign of Yu Asakawa is Pisces. Yu Asakawa has have thousand of fans and supporters in Japan.

BirthdayMarch 20, 1975
height5’ 3’’ (1.6 m)
Birth SignPisces

Personal Information of Yu Asakawa

  • Full name :
    Yu Asakawa
  • Birth place :
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Birth date :
    March 20, 1975
  • Age :
    41 years, 5 month, 2 days
  • Star sign :
About Yu Asakawa

Yu Asakawa is a famous voice actress of Japan who started her career in 1996. She is best known for her performance in animated Japanese TV series such as Ikki-Tousen, Naruto: Shippuden, Akame ga Kill! with many more. She also works as singer with Hinata Girls. Some of her work on television amine includes
• ‘Those Who Hurt Elves 2’ (1997) as Rena
• ‘Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040’ (1998) as Priscilla S. “Priss” Asagiri
• ‘Beyblade’ (2001) as Raju
• ‘Black Jack’ (2004) as Tom
• ‘K-ON!!!’ (2010) as Norimi Kawaguchi
• ‘Carnival Phantasm’ (2011) as Rider
• ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ (2015) as Chisato Hasegawa
Apart from above, she also did dubbing for films like ‘Spellbound’ as April DeGideo, ‘D.E.B.S’ as Max Brewer, ‘Sky High’ as Magenta and ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ as Talia al Ghul with many more. She is now associated with Arts Vision and is working as freelance voice actress. She also performed as host for web show called Otaku Verse Zero with Patrick Macias.

Yu Asakawa Before Fame

She got married to Showtaro Marikubo in 2007 but soon got seperated after two years of marriage in 2009.


She keeps her Twitter account updated in English.

Yu Asakawa Family Life

He was born on 20th March, 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. Her first role as voice actress was in ‘Those Who Hurt Elves II’ and ‘Cho Mashin Eiyuden Wataru’.

Associated With

She worked with Asriel, Ayane, Mai Goto, Miru and Noriko Rikimaru for an album ’11eyes- Perfect Vocal Album’ (2010).

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