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Joe Sugg who is born on September 8, 1991 in Wiltshire, England is a famous YouTube Star. The age of Joe Sugg is 24 year old. The birth sign of Joe Sugg is Virgo.

BirthdaySeptember 8, 1991
Birth SignVirgo
Net worth : $2 Million
BirthplaceWiltshire, England

Personal Information of Joe Sugg

  • Birth date :
    March 18, 1965
  • Birth place :
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Profession :
    Animation Department, Art Department, Writer
  • Nationality :
About Joe Sugg

Joe is a famous You Tube Personality, known by his You Tube Channel named ‘Thatcher Joe’ and ‘ThatcherJoeVlogs’. Being good at impressions he enjoys placing challenges on You Tube, one of them is Shock Ball challenge. He has also started a gaming channel called as ThatcherJoeGames and was part of Band Aid 30 in 2014 for charity cause. He created the You Tuber version of Innuendo Bingo and has over 5.6 million subscribers.
Joe won 2015 Radio 1 Teen Choice Award for Best British Vlogger.

Joe Sugg Before Fame

Joe lives with Casper Lee, his fellow mate on You Tube. They are sharing an apartment in London since from 2015. He usually place videos every Sunday and calls them “Sugg Sunday Specials” and mentions his followers as Sugglets.


He is a part of the You Tube Boyband and released a single for comic relief, “It’s all about you”.

Joe Sugg Family Life

Sugg was born on 8th September,1991 in Wiltshire, United Kingdom is a younger brother of Zoe Sugg, a fashion and Beauty Vlogger. Both were raised in Wiltshire together. He loves Penguin and is a keen skateboarder.

Associated With

He witnessed his appearance in 2015 featured film ‘Joe and Casper Hit the Road’. He even authored a Graphic Novel ‘Username:Evie’ in the same year.

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